Overmoulded Cable Assemblies for Tough Environments

November 13, 2014  /  Press Release , Cable Assemblies

GTK provides a value-added service to its customers by assisting with the design and manufacture of overmoulded cable assemblies.

Overmoulding technology provides a number of design and environmental benefits for cable assemblies, making them more robust and able to withstand harsh environments.

Tom Hennessey, Business Manager for cable assemblies at GTK, said, "Overmoulded cable assemblies are ideal for use in a variety of vertical markets due to the fact that they are tamperproof and very durable. The process of overmoulding a cable assembly is relatively cost effective and a variety of different materials can be used to achieve the required ergonomic and aesthetic finish. Overmoulding technology is particularly suitable for environments where water ingress is a potential hazard such as the marine industry. We work closely with customers in this industry and, by carefully selecting the materials used to manufacture the cable assemblies, our customers can ensure these products meet the relevant IP rating for their specific application"

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