Looking for Lightweight Enclosures

June 23, 2015  /  Press Release , Manufacturing Solutions

"Aluminium enclosures and plastic injection mouldings are ideal for customers looking for lightweight enclosures," said Ross Taylor, Business Manager for Manufacturing Solutions at GTK.

"We offer a bespoke enclosure production service using a variety of different materials and technologies to meet the specific requirements customers have for their finished products and both these solutions are cost effective and extremely versatile."

Plastic injection moulding provides a great deal of flexibility: components can be moulded in a variety of different materials dependent on the mechanical and environmental requirements for the product. Finished products are generally comprised of two-piece mouldings which can be attached using snap-fit, latching posts or screw fix connection methods. If a tamper-proof product is required ultrasonic welding technology can be deployed to provide a permanent bond between the two mouldings. Mouldings can be produced in a variety of different colours and can incorporate branding and logos.

Aluminium extrusions have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and are also corrosion resistant, making them suitable for applications such as Industrial Electronics, Energy and Utility Housings and Control Boxes. They are lightweight and cost effective to manufacture. Enclosures can be given a variety of custom finishes using powder coating, liquid coating or anodising, which provides additional corrosion resistance. Branding and logos can be added using a range of printing techniques or adding custom labels.

GTK’s manufacturing solutions service supports customers with the design and production of a variety of different assemblies ranging from low-volume manually assembled products through to high-volume automated assembles. This service provides all the benefits of local or offshore manufacturing with technical support on a local basis.

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