GTK provides a bespoke enclosure production service

March 12, 2014  /  Press Release , Manufacturing Solutions

GTK UK offers a bespoke enclosure production service utilising a variety of different technologies to meet specific mechanical and environmental factors.

Designed to offer a range of options for PCBA encapsulation, these enclosure technologies include plastic injection moulding, overmoulding, aluminium extrusions and metal stamping, with each having different qualities depending on the product application. For example, overmoulding will create a moisture-resistant and tamper-proof product, whereas aluminium extrusions give you a high quality finish along with corrosion-resistant properties if required.

GTK is also able to manufacture the PCB, meaning that it can provide customers with either a sub assembly or a complete turnkey solution, which can include instruction manuals, custom labels and retail packaging. With a proven track record in providing unique and cost-effective solutions, GTK’s technical experts can help talk through ideas and concepts, and provide advice on designs and technologies that will work for their customers’ products.

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