GTK now offers Embedded solutions

January 23, 2024  /  Press Release , Embedded

GTK UK has expanded its product portfolio and can now offer embedded solutions to its customers.

Speaking on this new product range, Gavin Darling, Sales & Marketing Director at GTK, said, “This extensive range of embedded boards and systems complements the existing products we already supply, and broadens and deepens the custom electronic solutions we can provide.”

GTK's offers embedded solutions

The range of embedded solutions GTK offers includes both x86 and ARM based architectures, and ranges from PCB systems to rugged and custom PCs.

The x86 solutions include single-board computer (SBC) designs and Computer on Module (COM) devices for complex designs. The ARM based architecture solutions include System on Module (SOM) and Computer on Module (COM) Express, which are ideal for low-powered applications.

The rugged PC solutions comprise a range of tough mini-PCs that are designed for harsh environments and that will support parallel processing. These support multiple vertical markets, including factory automations, transport, marine and industrial processing, and are also ideal for AI-based edge applications.

Additionally, GTK can offer a range of standard and custom PC solutions. The standard range includes industrial PCS that have a long production life, standard cases, and a choice of heat management options.

The custom PC solutions are available with a choice of performance levels, with options for extra ports, branding, custom enclosures. and add-ons to suit specific OEM designs. GTK can supply custom BIOS, pre-installed OS, storage, and RAM solutions.

Gavin stated, “Our range of Embedded products typically require a high level of customisation and that is what GTK has a well-established reputation for. Our technical experts can assist customers with product design and component selection, and can recommend production processes that will deliver high-quality, reliable finished products. We have found that the earlier we are involved in the new product design process, the more value we can offer in terms of design, innovation, and overall product cost.”

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