GTK launches new 5” transflective display

May 25, 2022  /  Press Release , Displays

GTK UK announces the availability of a new 5.0” transflective TFT display.

This TFT both reflects and transmits light in different environmental conditions.

When under dim or dark ambient situation, the light from a backlight is transmitted through the transflective layer providing light for the display. However, in bright ambient conditions, for example when exposed to daylight, the TFT acts as a reflective display, which enhances the display image and improves the contrast.

“This transflective technology is ideally suited for outdoor applications,” said Clive Dickinson, business manager for displays at GTK. “In daylight hours the display operates in reflective mode using natural light and this minimises power usage. At night, the display switches to transmissive mode, using the backlight to illuminate the display. A practical example of this would be an outdoor parking meter display being easily readable in daylight and at night an IR sensor triggering the backlight when a user approaches the meter.”

“The advantage of this technology is that the reduced power usage can extend the life of the product by between 3-5 years, which is significant for OEMs and this needs to be considered when calculating the full lifetime cost of the finished product,” said Clive. “Other applications for this technology include handheld meters, kiosk displays, EV chargers, marine electronics and outdoor digital displays.”

GTK can provide technical support and guidance for OEMS considering this innovative technology and advise on customisation options such as capacitive touch technology and custom cover lenses.

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