GTK expands its Letterbox TFT display range with two new sizes

March 26, 2024  /  Press Release , Displays

Custom electronics manufacturer, GTK UK Ltd, has added two new letterbox TFTs to its already-extensive range of displays.

These new IPS panels include a 6” display and an 8.8” display and provide even more options for designers who are creating applications that require a wider panel size.

New letterbox TFT displays

The 6” panel offers a 1:2 aspect ratio while the 8.8” panel delivers an impressive 1:4 aspect ratio. Both modules incorporate IPS technology and offer high resolutions and enhanced contrast ratios, as well as all-around viewing angles. They also both use a MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) interface, resulting in higher data transmission speeds, quicker response times and minimal signal interference.

While both displays offer excellent performance as a drop-in solution, GTK also provides design support and customisation options for all its displays. These can range from adjusting elements like brightness and contrast ratios through to supplying mini-LED backlights and custom cover lenses to create a truly unique product.

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for Displays at GTK, said, “Letterbox and ultrawide displays offer more design possibilities for OEMS who don’t want to be constrained by traditional TFT sizes. Although early letterbox sizes were typically seen in consumer electronic such as high-end audio products, these wider displays are now becoming increasingly common in more industrial applications, such as medical and automotive devices.”

For more information on these new letterbox modules or to find out how GTK can support your other display requirements, get in touch on +44 (0)1256 472000 or via email at

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