GTK announces new Head of Business Development

June 1, 2023  /  Press Release , Company Update

GTK UK announced the appointment of Paul Dearman into the newly created role of Head of Business Development.

Paul has worked for GTK for twelve years as Area Sales Manager, and in that time has succeeded in building strong customer relationships, selling GTK’s capabilities and increasing sales in his geographic area.

Gavin Darling, Sales and Marketing Director for GTK, said, “This new role is as a result of our rapid organisational growth and our ever-increasing customer base. Paul will focus on identifying new market opportunities and drive sales to expand the reach of all GTK’s products and services. This new role will also allow us to explore potential in new market sectors and emerging technologies. Paul will work with customers from concept or early design stages in their new product journey to provide tailored solutions for cable assemblies, connectors, displays and manufacturing solutions.”

Paul said, “I am really excited about taking up this new role. As electronic technology advances, there are so many exciting opportunities out there. This new role will enable GTK to pinpoint them and ensure that we are equipped to support them and ensure a smooth onboarding process for new customers.”