Extra stability with 2.0 mm latched wire-to-board connectors

November 26, 2015

Latched 2 mm wire-to-board connectorGTK has recently extended its range of 2.0 mm pitch wire-to-board connectors with the addition of a dual-row option with integral latches. The latches are designed to prevent unwanted disconnections, and are ideal for use in applications where movement and vibration are potential risks.

The new, latched, dual-row connectors are high density and low profile in design, and are available in 4-40 contact versions.  The PCB layout is compatible with both GTK’s standard WTBM series and other industry standard, dual-row 2.0mm wire-to-board connectors, making them a drop-in replacement for design engineers. The connector housings are polarised to prevent mis-mating and can be supplied with SMT or through hole contact versions, with contacts rated at 3 A.

Caroline Ebbage, Business Manager for connectors at GTK, commented, “These latched wire-to-board connectors give engineers the added reassurance of a robust connection in environments where disconnection may be a concern. They are widely used in the printing, security, access control, networking and process control products for exactly this reason. GTK can also supply mating cable assemblies to customers using these connectors, providing a complete product solution.” 

For more information on this connector series, visit our product page

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