DisplayPort Assemblies for digital devices

January 22, 2014  /  Press Release , Cable Assemblies

DisplayPort technology has become increasingly popular for use in consumer electronics as it offers double the bandwidth of HDMI technology, with the DisplayPort standard 1.2 offering a maximum bandwidth of 21.6 Gbps.

Designed to connect a video source to display devices such as monitors, this technology can also be used to transmit audio and data signals. Video and audio signals can be transmitted simultaneously or independently. Backwards compatibility with VGA and DVI technology can be achieved by using active adaptors, allowing the use of DisplayPort fitted video services without replacing existing digital devices. The newer Mini DisplayPort connectors offer a smaller footprint and are ideal for use in smaller devices such as laptops and ultrabooks.

GTK can offer a wide variety of custom DisplayPort Cable assemblies to meet individual customer requirements. Cable assemblies are manufactured to your requirements and can include corporate colours and logos. All cable assemblies are compliant to the VESA standard, are hot-pluggable and include a latching feature to ensure a robust connection. Adaptor cable assemblies can be supplied for connection to DVI, HDMI or VGA interfaces.

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