Mission-critical applications require high quality assemblies

January 28, 2016  /  Press Release , Cable Assemblies

The aerospace, defence and security markets are especially discerning when procuring electronic solutions from vendors.

This is understandable as the mission-critical nature of the products used in these applications means that there is no room for error and that quality is paramount. “OEMs operating in these markets require full traceability and the most rigorous quality standards,” says Chas Shale, Business Manager for cable assemblies at GTK.

GTK’s UK manufacturing facility has the requisite approvals in place to supply these markets. The plant is approved under the UL wiring harness traceability programme, which means it can offer complete traceability on all components used in the manufacturing of wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. The company recently gained AS9100C accreditation, which is the globally recognised aerospace and defence certification. This standard incorporates all the elements of the ISO 9001 certification but demands significantly higher levels of control in a number of different operational areas.

GTK can supply a wide variety of cable assemblies from its UK facility, ranging from simple wire looms through to military specification cable assemblies, RF & microwave assemblies and box build. “Choice of components is vital when products will be used in potentially life-threatening applications. Cable and wiring used inside enclosures tend to be fairly standard; however, external interfaces need to be able to withstand harsher environmental conditions, so more robust components are used. Ruggedised, metal connectors are common, as are shielded cable assemblies for EMI/RFI protection. Overmoulded cable assemblies are also popular by virtue of their durability and protection from moisture ingress.

“We work very closely with our customers and assist them in the selection of both the connectors and cables that are best suited to their particular application,” said Chas. “The combination of our UK manufacturing facility, FastTrack prototyping service and UK-based product specialists means that we can offer customers an exceptional level of support and service.”

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