Best of both worlds with the GTK blended manufacturing Model

October 24, 2013  /  Press Release , Cable Assemblies

The Blended Manufacturing Model from GTK combines production from both of its manufacturing locations: the Far East and the UK, with part-built assemblies shipping from the Far East for final assembly and inspection in the UK.

GTK has been operating its blended model for over a year now and it is proving increasingly popular with its customers," according to Chas Shale, business manager for cable assemblies.

"We have been operating in the UK and Far East for over 20 years and over this time we have been able to develop and hone our design, engineering and manufacturing processes. We have built flexibility into these processes, which means that we can offer customers high quality custom cable assemblies at cost effective prices."

The blended model offers GTK’s customers a number of benefits. It enables the combination of an overmould with an assembled cable. Components can be procured at preferential prices which result in cost reductions which are passed on, and there is the added security of knowing the products are 100% inspected to the latest IPC620 standard. We manage the entire process from start to finish."

"Over 90% of our customers require some level of customisation and the blended model is the ideal choice for a number of these applications. It is just one element of the cable manufacturing services that we offer, which also include Fast Track prototyping and transition manufacturing."

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