Automatic quality with Volex power cords

February 25, 2020  /  Press Release , Power Cords

For GTK’s customers looking to purchase power cords, Volex’s automated manufacturing process for their latest cord sets provides several benefits in terms of cost, quality and speed.

All of Volex’s power cords are tested and approved to the relevant industry standards and regional safety approvals.  In addition to this, the repeatability on the production line means that the cord sets are made to a consistently high quality and can be manufactured with reduced set up costs and shorter lead times.

Volex power cords

Tom Hennessey, Business Manager for cables assemblies at GTK, commented, “Following Volex’s acquisition of GTK at the end of 2018, we incorporated their power cords into our own product offering, as a natural extension of our core product families.  We’re now able to offer the latest power cords from Volex, the V-Novus Hybrids, which cover a range of different country plug options and represent the latest in Volex’s power cord technology.

“The cord sets are tough and durable, making them suitable for a variety of different environments including offices, laboratories and factories. Yet, despite their robust finish, they are surprisingly lightweight, meaning lower shipping costs and a smaller carbon footprint.”

Tom continued, “The V-Novus Hybrid cord sets are manufactured in China and Indonesia, though Volex’s overall global manufacturing footprint allows us to provide more flexible support for customers wanting more custom cable harnesses and looms. This is something that GTK is already well known for, and we can now draw on Volex’s extensive resources in addition to our own UK and Romania manufacturing facilities.”

GTK offer Volex power cords for the UK, European, US and Chinese markets, and can work with customers to provide the right solution in terms of custom lengths, cable type and colour.

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