Alder Lake N CPUs combine great performance with an easy upgrade path

April 23, 2024  /  Press Release , Embedded

For engineers designing a new embedded system, Intel’s Alder Lake N range of processors offers great performance combined with exceptional power efficiency, making them ideal for applications that need a low-power draw.

Based on Intel’s 12th Gen processors, these CPUs feature high-efficiency cores making them ideal for battery powered or mobile applications.

Intel's range of Alder Lake N processors

The Alder Lake N CPUs come with a range of performance options and include 6 MB of smart cache, UHD integrated graphics, Bluetooth 5.2, as well as Wi-Fe 6e for faster wireless speeds and stronger security. Designed with the future in mind, Intel promises socket compatibility with the next 3 generations of CPU hardware, providing a simple way to extend the life of your designs.

There are several processor options on offer, including the N200, with 4 cores of processing power at 6 W TDP, with speeds of up to 3.7 GHz, and the i3-N305, which delivers up to 3.8 GHz at 15 W TDP, with its 8 cores for when more computing power is required.

The range of Alder Lake N CPUs provides a substantial step up from Intel’s previous Pentium-Silver processors, which these replace, both in terms of graphics and application performance; the i3-N305 is even comparable to a traditional Intel Core-level processor but at a much lower TDP.

Through Review Display Systems, GTK can support the entire x86 range of embedded boards, including single-board-computers and modular embedded components, powered by Intel’s Alder Lake N processors. We can assist at the early stages of design to help you select the right technology for your application, and ensure your product meets requirements, whatever your market sector.

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