Designing Products to Simplify Your Manufacturing

Our customer had developed defence equipment and needed to make it smaller and more portable.

They were struggling with the internal cable assemblies as they didn't have the technical expertise to design something that would work on a smaller scale. Being a MOD project, there were timed gates for approval that needed to be hit and they were on a deadline.

Designing Products to Simplify Your Manufacturing

The Solution

We worked with our customer to engineer a bespoke cable assembly, helping them with cable material selection and connector componentry. We applied a design for manufacture (DFM) approach to ensure that the finished assembly could easily slot into their manufacturing process and supplied prototypes for them to test the design. Volume production was carried out in our AS9100-approved UK manufacturing facility.


By adopting a DFM approach, we could supply a cable assembly that was easily fitted into the final unit, reducing the customer's overall build time.

Time Saving

We specified suitable components that we already held in stock under our Core Material Strategy, reducing the overall cable assembly cost and lead time.

Business Advantage

Working with GTK as a trusted AS9100-approved manufacturing partner meant that our customer could realise their smaller designs and simultaneously hit their project time goals.