Creating Custom, Waterproof Connectors Through Overmoulding

The customer's original design for their industrial data logger used a metal OEM connector, which had been specified for its waterproof attributes.

However, it was a costly and unprofitable option. They made the decision to move to an overmoulded solution with a different supplier but experienced ongoing quality issues and were looking for a new source.

Data logger with waterproof cable assembly

The Solution

We took the customer's design and improved the manufacturing process to remove the quality issues. The overmoulded itself was an integral part of the waterproof connector mating face and we created a custom tool to hold the pins in place during the insert moulding process. We also improved the in-built strain relief with a crimped ring to reduce the pull force on the contacts.


Our custom overmoulded solution meant the customer spent less time spent repairing faulty units and processing returns on faulty cables.

Time Saving

Our cable assembly was less costly than the original OEM connector and removed the expensive cost of returns experienced with their first overmoulded supplier.

Business Advantage

The customer was supplied with a superior product that meant that their application was more reliable and more profitable.