Cable Looms Save Time and Money

Our customer had various challenges with the production of large, industrial electron microscopes.

They were incorporating several different cable assemblies in their product, which meant a lot of routing of cables and a large amount of product management. They were looking to create efficiency in their workflow, and save money and time.

Cable Looms Save Time and Money

The Solution

GTK engineers worked with the customer at their premises, re-working the cable designs to create a single umbilical loom. This combined each separate cable harness into a single, easy to route assembly, complete with its own sheathing. By following a Design For Manufacturing (DFM) approach, GTK was able to streamline the customer's installation process and produce a superior overall build.


Our DFM approach resulted in cables that were supplied loomed and formed to the customer, saving 45 minutes on installation time per unit.

Time Saving

Due to the improved efficiencies identified, the customer greatly reduced their labour and final assembly costs.

Business Advantage

Customer was able to improve their own installation process, and maintenance on their units was much easier with just a single loom in place.