bi-stable vs e-paper

Why Choose Traditional E-Paper Technology?

Also known as electronic ink, traditional e-paper is a type of display that mirrors the aesthetics of ink on paper.

E-paper displays offer versatility with low energy consumption, great readability and visibility as they mimic the sharpness of handwriting on paper. However they are limited to black and white colour combinations.

Why Choose Modern Bi-stable Displays?

Much like e-paper screens, our modern bi-stable displays are also readable in sunlight and have excellent viewing angles. They also remain on after the power is switched off and only require more power when the image needs refreshing. One major advantage, however, is that bi-stable screens are able to display fixed print colours and can also operate in a wider temperature range. 

The ability to display in colour is often enough to set this technology above traditional e-paper, which is frequently used for electronic shelf labels in retail. The difference between a monotone label and an eye-catching colour one can often be the difference between winning or losing a sale. Furthermore, modern bi-stable displays are more readily available in low minimum order quantities (MOQs).

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