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Touchless UI technology provides users with a simple and intuitive way of using touchscreen displays without having to physically touch the screen.

  • Provides a safe and hygienic alternative to traditional touchscreen technology
  • Can be used with all colour display types
  • Custom IC increases distance at which the sensor detects input
  • Customisable for a combination of different gesture controls 
  • Can still be used as a conventional touchscreen for direct user input 
  • Suitable for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications

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How does a touchless UI work?

We have partnered with TouchNetix, a leading UK based technology company, to provide this touchless solution for OEMs. The aXiom IC, developed by Touchnetix, decreases the noise reduction value of the sensor to 80 db, allowing it to detect your hand without you having to touch the display.  Combined with GTK's range of display technologies, this results in a touchless user interface for almost any type of colour display and requires no additional electrodes.

The touchless UI can be used intuitively by holding your finger about 5-6 cm away from the screen and interacting with it using several different gestures.  These gestures effectively mimic actions already used with capacitive touchscreens, such as tapping the screen and swiping. It is also still possible to use the screen using conventional touch input if required.

Why should I use a touchless UI?

This touchless technology offers a hygienic and safe alternative to conventional touchscreens and is ideally suited for applications where there are multiple screen users, such as kiosks, payment terminals, ticketing machines and lift controls.

You can customise the configuration of the UI technology using single or multiple gesture controls that best suit their product's end application.

Our technical experts can support you in selecting the best suited display for your application, as well as the required connectivity to interface with the product PCB. 

Gesture Control - Air Dwell

This gesture control is ideal for use in industrial, automotive and consumer applications.  

  • The user's finger approaches and hovers in front of the screen for a set period of time 
  • The UI technology triggers the action after the specified time period has elapsed 
  • Equivalent to the tap and hold input on a touchscreen

Gesture Control - Air Tap

This universal gesture is ideal for a wide range of applications such as payment terminals, kiosks, automotive dashboards and medical instrumentation. 

  • The UI technology recognises a finger as it moves towards a specific key on the screen
  • At a certain distance from the screen, the action is triggered by the user interface 
  • Equivalent to the traditional single tap on a touchscreen

Gesture Control - Air Flick 

Applications that might use this gesture control include reviewing medical imaging or viewing image libraries.  

  • The UI recognises various hand or finger moving gestures, such as left and right, or up and down
  • Suitable for quickly navigating through menu options
  • Equivalent to swiping on a touchscreen

Gesture Control - Air Spin

Typical applications for this gesture control include automotive dashboards, thermostats, and AV equipment.   

  • Air spin recognises the rotary movement of a finger in front of the display
  • This is useful for applications where there is a graduated scale requirement, such as volume or temperature dials

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