SD card connectors are still very much in demand,” says Maciej Gluzniewicz, Product Specialist for Connectors at GTK. “SD cards have been around for years but are still very popular for adding expanded storage options to portable devices, such as phones, tablets, data loggers and navigation devices.”

GTK offers a variety of different SD card connectors that suit different end applications.

The standard sized SD card connector is a 9 position SMT connector with a push/push ejector mechanism. It contains an integral card detection switch to ensure that the card is fully inserted. This connector is polarised to prevent incorrect card insertion and is available in standard (top) and reverse (bottom) PCB mounting options. 

The 8 position MicroSD card SMT connector is available with either a push/push or hinged style mechanism. The push/push version is available in both standard and reverse variants. The hinged version is ideal for applications where high vibration or shock is a potential issue and is available in standard PCB mount orientation only. This product is low profile with a height of just 1.8 mm and is ideal for use in mid-board applications, offering a “fit and forget” solution.

The combined MicroSD/SIM Card connector comprises an 8-pin push/push MicroSD card connector combined with a 6-pin SIM card connector. This stacked connector saves PCB space, and the card entry slots are at right angles to each other. This SMT connector has an overall height of 2.7 mm. 

“The increase in use of portable devices has extended the life of this connector technology indefinitely,” said Maciej, “and the trend towards smaller form and function products means that the MicroSD size has become more prevalent over the years. We can offer OEMs guidance on selecting the right solution for their specific product design and end use application.” 

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