Manufacturing production increased for the sixteenth consecutive month, according to The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), but supply chain delays, slower new order growth and rising material and labour shortages all constrained the UK manufacturing sector in September.

I’m sure GTK are not alone in experiencing component shortages, delays to air, land and sea freight, staff shortages exacerbated by COVID-19 illnesses, Brexit disruptions, sharply rising costs and now fuel shortages. 

Most recently we are now seeing enforced power outages in China that could affect lead times of materials, components and finished goods to the supply chain. The power cuts started mid-week last week, without advance notification. 

The Chinese government has announced another round of power cuts due to a shortage of coal supplies, a toughening of emissions standards and strong demand from manufacturers, all of which have pushed coal prices to record highs and triggered widespread curbs on usage. This has already affected some manufacturers, forcing companies like Apple and Tesla to half their production.

Currently, GTK is checking with all of our suppliers to find out the potential impacts to our existing orders; some factories using high voltage machinery in production have taken an approach of working night shifts to keep up with our requirements. 

GTK are committed to keeping your production line running and that we are constantly mitigating risks by sourcing essential materials and identifying alternative solutions to longer lead time components. In addition:

  • We have our UK Cable Assembly facilities with capacity and agility to manufacture within 3-5 weeks and we can offer a FastTrack service that typically delivers working prototypes in just five days
  • Our engineering and purchasing teams are here to support your product designs and work with you to provide component alternatives and BOM cost-down initiatives
  • GTK have the capacity to hold stock of longer lead time Displays and custom Connector solutions

To find out how GTK can help you minimise disruption in the current climate, please contact us and talk to our team. 


Gavin Darling, Sales & Marketing Director