optoelectronics design guideGTK announced the launch of its new Optoelectronics Design Guide. This 8 page brochure has been created to help simplify the selection process for display products. It includes an overview of the most common optoelectronic technologies, an at-a-glance features table enabling comparison of the different technologies and guidance on the elements OEMs need to consider when selecting a display for use in new product designs.

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for Optoelectronics products at GTK said, "Optoelectronic technology is constantly evolving, and whilst this is a good thing, sometimes it can be hard for OEMs to be sure they have selected the most suitable product for their application. Our new design guide helps customers short-list the technology they feel is most appropriate and understand its performance capabilities. We are happy to assist customers with advice and technical support and can also provide advice on the associated connector and cable assembly requirements for their display product."

The new Optoelectronic Design Guide is available in hard copy or can downloaded directly.