Candice Robins is the Group Finance Manager at GTK and one of the initiators of signing up for the London to Brighton ride, but before this hadn’t been doing much cycling.

“I had a bike in my garage, but I hadn’t really used it for years” she said.

“For the last couple of years, I had been thinking about doing something for a charitable cause and persuaded some colleagues to join me for the London to Brighton cycle ride in September. We had a round-table discussion to decide what charity we’d like to support, but when we heard Lily-May’s story it was immediately obvious to everyone that we should ride for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Our group started off small but now we have a team of 15 people volunteering to take part, which is great!

“I set up my own training programme and monitor my progress using an app on my phone. I usually cycle two to three times a week now and may increase the frequency as we get closer to the event. So far, I have cycled over 700 miles.

“I feel great for doing this - I'm more energised and the hills that seemed hard when I started are now getting easier. I love the fresh air and seeing more of the scenery around where I live. Most importantly though, I know I am doing this for a great cause.”

Our team is cycling from London to Brighton for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity because of the amazing support given to Lily-May Betts.  Read more about her story and help with our fundraising efforts on our JustGiving page: