We’re a specialist manufacturer of military and aerospace cable assemblies, and can also supply displays into the COTS market for a range of applications.

We understand that the military, aerospace and security industries are most discerning when procuring electronic solutions from vendors – and for good reason. The mission-critical nature of the products used in these applications means there is no room for error. 

Quality Standards and Certifications

Quality is our top priority at GTK. In addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approvals, our UK manufacturing facility is AS9100D certified. This is the globalised aerospace and defence certification, which means that we can offer complete traceability on the components used in production, along with the necessary rigour in terms of product and process conformance. We also have membership with both ADS and WEAF, and have been awarded the Cyber Essentials certificate for data security.

In our UK manufacturing facility, we operate an integrated quality management system and are committed to continuously improving our systems to ensure we offer exceptional service to our customers. We adopt a ‘cell manufacturing’ process, which is integral for maintaining efficiency and quality standards. We also ensure a thorough quality and testing inspection process to the latest IPC-620 specification.

Cable & Connectors for Military & Aerospace

As a leading global provider of custom cable assemblies, we have the configuration and manufacturing capabilities to provide the highest performance harnesses for aerospace and military applications. With over 25 years' experience, we are able to tailor our products to the most exacting standards, and offer product optimisation in the form of both build costs and product performance.


The harsh environments in which military, security and aerospace technology is used mean ruggedisation is often critical for ensuring cables and connectors fulfil rigorous military-grade criteria. We are able to provide reliable, high performance cable assemblies using mil-spec connectors that are suitably robust for this demanding environment.


There is growing demand for miniaturisation in the military, security and aerospace sectors. Miniaturised cables and connectors are just as efficient and robust as conventional solutions, but they are much smaller and lighter, offering greater flexibility, easy integration and reduced time delay for high speed signals. Miniaturisation also makes it easier to incorporate excess space for critical military and aerospace applications.

Using the latest technology and innovations, at GTK we’re experts in manufacturing aircraft cable assemblies to miniaturised specifications.

Microwave & RF

We offer a wide range of standard coaxial connector products to build customised, high performance aerospace and military cable assemblies. Our core range covers maximum frequencies ranging from 4 GHz to 40 GHz; however, we are able to supply specialised microwave & RF products suitable for frequencies up to 110 GHz.

We also provide engineering expertise and design assistance to help you select the best components for your specific application.

UK, Romania & Far East Manufacturing   

We have the global infrastructure and resources in place to offer a full manufacturing service for military and aerospace cable assembly requirements. Our core competencies in our UK facility include the manufacture of a wide variety of aircraft cable assemblies, ranging from simple wire looms through to military specification harnesses, RF and microwave assemblies, and high level assemblies. Our locally based technical experts can assist customers with DFM support and guidance. Our customers also have the reassurance of UK-eyes only manufacturing and end-to-end quality and production processes.

In addition to our UK-based services, we have a highly automated manufacturing facility set up in Romania. This facility mirrors our UK operation in terms of product, manufacturing the same high quality wire harnesses and high level assemblies.  It also runs on the same advanced scheduling system as the UK, allowing us to easily maintain the same processes whilst running a flexible manufacturing operation.

We have also developed long-term partnerships with Far Eastern manufacturers that allow us to supply fully overmoulded products, connectors, displays, PCBA, electronic sub-assemblies and encapsulation. These electronics solutions are all manufactured to the high quality standards we operate on a global basis.  We also offer two distinctive, cost-effective build models that draw on the resources from both of our manufacturing locations and allow us to provide an extra layer of service to our customers in the aerospace, security and military markets.

Trusted Provider of Military & Aerospace Electronics

The complex requirements of most military and aerospace equipment mean it is essential that you choose a trusted provider of electronic products. At GTK we pride ourselves in being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality, custom-built electronic solutions for military and aerospace applications.

Whatever your specifications, we can utilise rugged mil-spec and miniaturised components to ensure that your finished products provide reliable and consistent high speed performance in the harshest of environments.


Contact us today to find out more about our military, security and aerospace solutions.

Core Competencies

  • UK, Romania & Far East manufacturing locations
  • DFM support and guidance
  • Mil-spec cable assemblies
  • Complex, pre-formed wire looms
  • RF & microwave cable assemblies
  • PCBA and encapsulation 
  • High level assemblies


Product Applications 

  • Battlefield communications systems
  • Electronic counter measures
  • Security point screening systems
  • Cyber security
  • Surveillance and threat detection
  • Weapons systems 



  • AS9100
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • UL Wire Harness Traceability
  • Cyber Essentials 
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