Working responsibly

Working Responsibly

At GTK, we accept our social responsibility for good corporate citizenship. We aim to positively influence the attitudes and behaviour of our key stakeholders, particularly our employees, suppliers and business partners.

We consider our key corporate social responsibility issues to be:

  • Employing and retaining people of ability and integrity
  • Engaging our employees, customers and suppliers to promote sustainable living
  • Dealing fairly with our employees, customers and suppliers and selling responsibly sourced, quality products and services
  • Managing and monitoring risk throughout the business
  • Minimising waste and maximising recycling and re-use
  • Responding and adapting to climate change

We take a long term view of our social responsibility, actively engaging with our stakeholders and continually monitoring and managing our progress and performance. We review our corporate social responsiblity policy on a regular basis to ensure that it is in line with our core activities and objectives.


GTK's corporate social responsibility policy