Product Details

Part NumberConnector TypeImpedanceMounting StyleOrientationDrawingSamples
SMB-J1T-GG25-RJack50 ohmThrough holeHorizontal (R/A)Download product drawing SMB-J1T-GG25-R.pdfRequest sample of product SMB-J1T-GG25-R
SMB-J2T-GG25-RJack50 ohmThrough holeVerticalDownload product drawing SMB-J2T-GG25-R.pdfRequest sample of product SMB-J2T-GG25-R
SMB-JE1-GG25-RJack50 ohmThrough holeEnd-launchDownload product drawing SMB-JE1-GG25-R.pdfRequest sample of product SMB-JE1-GG25-R
SMB-M2T-GG25-RPlug50 ohmThrough holeVerticalDownload product drawing SMB-M2T-GG25-R.pdfRequest sample of product SMB-M2T-GG25-R

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