Overmoulding for durability, flexibility and versatility

October 22, 2015

The use of overmoulding technology for electronic components and assemblies offers a number of substantial performance benefits.

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Accelerate your new product designs with a plug and play display

September 24, 2015

GTK UK announced the launch of a range of TFT displays fitted with an integral Micro Control Unit (MCU) board for make programming easier.

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GTK launches new mobile-friendly website

September 8, 2015

GTK announces the launch of its new, mobile-friendly website.

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New USB Type-C connector, adaptor and cable assembly range

July 23, 2015

The new USB Type-C connector can be used to connect both hosts and devices and its reversible plug orientation and cable direction means that it will no longer matter which end of the cable or side of the connector is plugged in to the device.

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Looking for Lightweight Enclosures

June 23, 2015

GTK’s manufacturing solutions service supports customers with the design and production of a variety of different assemblies ranging from low-volume manually assembled products through to high-volume automated assembles.

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GTK expands TFT range to include "Letterbox" footprint modules

April 30, 2015

GTK announced the expansion of its TFT display products to include a series of "Letterbox" footprint modules as part of its standard range, which are available in sizes ranging from 3.9" to 11".

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GTK expands range of removable memory card connectors

April 15, 2015

GTK announces the expansion of its removable memory card connector range

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GTK expands its ZIF Connector Range

March 25, 2015

GTK has expanded its ZIF connector range with the addition of 0.3mm FPC connectors.

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GTK obtains UL approval under Wiring Harness Traceability programme

January 16, 2015

This programme enables cable assembly manufacturers such as GTK to produce wiring harnesses for OEMs whilst maintaining complete traceability of all of the components.

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Overmoulded Cable Assemblies for Tough Environments

November 13, 2014

Overmoulding technology provides a number of design and environmental benefits for cable assemblies, making them more robust and able to withstand harsh environments.

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