Cable Assembly Manufacture in Mainland Europe

April 26, 2018

GTK’s facility in Romania focuses on the manufacture of cable assemblies and is going from strength to strength after only 18 months.

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Blog: Creating Cabling For High Pressure Environments

April 24, 2018

In manufacturing, performance is everything, however, hazardous environments place increased demand on manufacturers. At GTK, this influences our cable assembly design process, as we must be able to offer customers dependable assemblies that they can rely on.

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GTK expands its range of microminiature RF connectors

March 27, 2018

Microminiature RF connectors allow engineers the flexibility to connect PCBs in a variety of different orientation and are ideal for use in Military and Aerospace, Test and Measurement, and Instrumentation applications.

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Blog: How innovations in display technology have benefitted end users

March 22, 2018

As technology has progressed in terms of both quality and the features on offer, modern displays now offer a number of benefits and are appearing in a range of industries - but what really drives this mass adoption?

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PMVA display technology - the ultimate in performance and customisation

February 27, 2018

PMVA (Passive Matrix Vertical Alignment) display technology offers exceptional performance, simple interface options and low tooling costs.

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Blog: Military Technology From Top Secret to Everyday

February 14, 2018

Chas Shale discusses how technological innovations in the military have fed into advancements for consumer technology, and what this means for OEMs.

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GTK expands TFT Display range with IPS technology

January 30, 2018

The expanded range includes displays ranging from 2.8” through to 10.1”, enabling their use in a wide range of consumer and industrial electronic applications.

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Blog: Why cable customisation is the new norm in manufacturing

January 15, 2018

Tom Hennessey explains how, in an age of rapid innovation, cable customisation can help to position yourself at the head of the crowd.

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Blog: TFT versus AMOLED in today’s technology market

December 7, 2017

Clive Dickinson, our business manager for displays, discusses the ongoing competition between AMOLED and IPS TFT displays that has been brought about by the significant developments in display technology.

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GTK’s new 8” IPS display ticks all the boxes

November 28, 2017

GTK announces the addition of a new high performance 8” IPS TFT Display with HD resolution.

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