usb 3.0 cable assembliesGTK, a global provider of electronic solutions, announces the release of its range of USB 3.0 cable assemblies. These blue overmoulded cable assemblies are available in a variety of configurations including A to A, A to B and A to Micro B styles. They come in a variety of lengths up to a maximum of 3 metres, and are fully compliant with the USB 3.0 standard. These assemblies are both PC and MAC compatible and enable data transfer speeds of up to 4.8Gbps.

USB 3.0 technology, often referred to as “SuperSpeed USB” offers a ten-fold increase in data speeds over the previous USB 2.0 specification. It also has increased power output & efficiency which enable it to support new devices which are increasingly power hungry, and increases the battery life of portable devices. The USB connector has become the de facto standard connector for many product applications, including PC’s, peripherals, consumer electronics and mobile platforms & the increase in its performance allows it to meet the requirements of the next generation products/technologies.

“Since we launched our USB 3.0 connector range in July this year, we have seen an increasing amount of interest in USB 3.0 technology,” said Tom Hennessey, Business Manager for connectors and cable assemblies. “Hardware manufacturers are releasing USB 3.0 hardware products on a regular basis now and customers need and want the increased sped and functionality it allows. We are now able to offer our customers a complete range of USB connectivity solutions and can advise them on the most appropriate technology for their data and power output requirements.”

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