ultra high contrast OLEDThe latest addition to GTKs range of optoelectronics displays is the monochrome OLED. Available in a variety of display sizes and resolution this technology has an exceptional contrast ratio (2000:1) a viewing angle of 160 degrees, response time 10ms, and brightness of 100cd/m2. This product is available in a variety of sizes and colours, with some variants offered in multiple colour options enabling OEM's to differentiate products within a family. Colour options include: white, yellow, green, amber & blue. This module is ultra-thin, requires no backlight and has low power consumption, which makes it ideal for design in to compact consumer devices. The versatility of this product, in terms of its performance characteristics, makes it suitable for numerous product applications including: Data Loggers, Audio Products, Bluetooth Car Kits and DAB Radio.

Clive Dickinson, Optoelectronics Business Manager said The new Mono OLED is ideal for numerous applications, whether industrial or commercial. It is simple to configure and we are able to customise the flexible circuitry to accommodate customers design requirements.

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