8 colour field sequential LCDGTK has launched a new 8 colour field sequential LCD technology for 7 segment + icons TN custom modules. This product allows OEM’s the opportunity for easy transition from monochrome to colour displays, at significantly lower costs than would be incurred using traditional TFT technology.

This module is fully customisable and is ideal for use in consumer, medical, industrial and metering applications. It is exceptionally high quality, with a contrast ratio of 250:1, viewing angles of 60 0 and a response time of 7ms. It has an integral RGB backlight and driver ICs on board, and for power saving, the backlight can be switched off and the display is still readable in black on white mono format. The technology can be oriented in portrait or landscape format, dependent on the individual product requirement and the interface can be either serial or parallel.

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for Optoelectronic products said “This is a great low to mid level display product as it enables manufactures to provide devices with enhanced displays in keeping with increased customer expectations, but without the significant price increase and engineering resources that has previously been associated with full colour display technology. Many devices do not need sophisticated colour graphics and this product really provides the ability to upgrade next generation display products in a cost effective way. We already have a number of customers looking to design this technology into their products.”