removablle memory card connectorsGTK UK has expanded its range of removable memory card connectors to include a hinged MicroSD card connector and a combined MicroSD/SIM connector. The hinged connector is ideal for use in applications where high vibration or shock is a potential issue, as the robust hinge locks the card securely in place. The connector has SMT pins and a height of only 1.8mm. This connector is often used in mid-board applications where regular card access is not required offering a secure "fit and forget" connection.

The combined MicroSD/SIM card connector integrates a MicroSD card connector with a push-push ejector mechanism and a six position SIM card connector into one connector housing. This stacked connector is perfect for applications where PCB space is at a premium and has an overall height of just 2.7mm. The connector will accept all SIM card sizes when used with a full size adapter.

Micro SD cards are typically used in portable devices such as phones, cameras, data loggers, navigation devices and tablet computers.

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