Rob Betts is Technical Manager at GTK UK and a seasoned veteran when it comes to cycling. He started mountain biking in the early nineties and has completed the London to Brighton bike ride on 3 previous occasions, with a best time of under 4 hours.

“I am an avid cross-country biker, allergic to roads, terrified of lorries,” said Rob. “I ride in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire mostly, but I also love to ride in Cornwall and recently spent a week there riding every day.

“I’m happy with the way my training is going. I'm doing lots of short rides plus usually 1 or 2 decent off road rides each weekend, usually 20 milers. I am also swimming every week and last night I swam 3km in 1hr 6mins. I track my progress using a Garmin fitness tracker.

“I've lost 7lbs in weight in the last few weeks although I have pulled a muscle in my back at the moment and I'm very sore with it.

“I am a huge supporter of GOSH; it is a wonderful charity. Not only are they caring for Lily but 36 years ago they saved my nephew's (Mike Betts) life as a new-born baby.  He now has two little girls of his own and stands 6ft 3in tall.

“Lily is progressing well – she's currently on her third cycle of chemo (12 weeks each) and although the chemo is extremely hard on her she comes up smiling every time. It can be utterly heart breaking to see her so ill and not be able to do anything to make her feel better, the chemo is very, very hard. She has gained a lot of weight and strength through tube feeding, which is wonderful and makes her look as she should, albeit with no hair. She recently achieved her 10 Kg weight target, a real milestone for us.

“I care for Lily every Friday; hence I don't work that day so I'm very close to her progress and very involved in it too. I've learned to do her tube feeding and it can be entertaining running round the house behind her holding a large feeding syringe that's attached to her.

“Lily's MRI scans to date have shown progress to her consultants’ expectation so far, she's responding well.  We won't really know the long-term outcome until we get there but it's positive at the moment. She will always have challenges but for the moment they are not terrible, she has regained her eyesight mostly, her balance is improving and she walks well now. She's just the sweetest, chattery little girl you could ever hope to meet and I adore her.

“She loves Waffle the Wonder dog (the song drives me insane) and Yakka Dee.

“She's 22 months old now and was diagnosed Nov 2017, just after her first birthday, which she spent in hospital.”

Our team is cycling from London to Brighton for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity because of the amazing support given to Lily-May Betts.  Read more about her story and help with our fundraising efforts on our JustGiving page: