The decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, known as Brexit, presents challenges to businesses across both the UK and the European Union (EU), and we understand that our customers may be questioning how GTK will continue to provide the goods and services they expect. 

The UK government has confirmed the move to World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules and that import checks on goods from the EU will be phased in during 2021, instead of via a full immediate implementation from 1st January 2020. This will help with the transition and increased workload for UK businesses and hopefully ease the inevitable initial congestion at UK ports.

As a company, GTK has been importing and exporting product globally since 1990 using robust established systems and processes, and during this time we have developed strong long term relationships with our freight agents.  Whilst the terms remain unknown, we are in a strong position to manage the complexities of EU trade post Brexit, as this will simply be an extension of existing import and export procedures, whichever scenario unfolds.

In preparation for Brexit GTK’s senior management team have reviewed the commercial and operational risks to each area of our business, and identified the actions needed to ensure that these risks do not impact our ability to maintain the high level of service we deliver to our customers. We have considered the various scenarios that may occur and once the UK and EU governments agree terms we will implement the appropriate operational changes to meet any regulatory requirements.

Our Brexit preparations include:

  • Reviewing our operational processes and procedures and identifying how they may be impacted, and what mitigation actions would subsequently be required. This review is ongoing which allows us to adapt as the situation develops
  • Deciding how additional resource will be deployed, as required
  • Identifying which job roles may be affected, and what training is required and when
  • Liaising with our suppliers to ensure they can meet their commitments to us
  • Monitoring environmental legislation to ensure continued compliance with UK and EU regulations eg REACH. 

During the transition period up until the 31st December 2020, we will continue to review the situation, access the potential impact on our operations and our ability to meet our customer’s requirements, and react appropriately. 


 GTK’s Brexit Preparedness Statement

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